Humbled and proud, all at the same time!  Fifty 5 star reviews!  What a huge milestone to reach in such a short period of time, our clients are truly the best!  They demand quality, trust, and fairness, and when they receive it, they let the world know!  I had a wonderful conversation with a brand new client yesterday.  The first thing she said when she came to pick up her transfers was “I’m not sure you realize how important the work you do is”!  I smiled and listened.  “The man you saw with the little blonde girl climbing up on his lap, and he gently brushed that hair back from her eyes (a bit choked up).  That was my Dad, and that was me!  I can now enjoy these special moments again for the rest of my life!”  Wow, that is important!  I know I’m in the right business.
Another example, a gentleman two days ago asked for a hug after we had transferred a dozen tapes from his childhood in Mexico.  The people, the places…all lost to time and trapped on VHS!  What a relief our clients feel when this burden has been relieved…our family history is now in a much better place and positioned for a long, stable future!  A 90-year-old man came by with plenty of gusto…wanting to convert some DVD’s of his world travels to digital so he and his wife of 68 years can enjoy them long into the future!  A young mother with a 15-month-old child on her hip, hoping to convert her old VHS school plays so her children can see their Mom when she was young and taking on new challenges.  A young man of about 30 brought in a collection of over 100 black and white photos to be digitized and preserved.  His parents and siblings didn’t have any interest, but he does, and feels it is extremely important to preserve their family legacy.  That was just this week…and it’s only Wednesday!!
My dear friend Jeff passed away recently, but he left some great words to live by.  Remain curious and know that everyone has a story to tell.  Indeed Jeff, words to carry forward.  I enjoy sharing stories with our clients and friends at Towson Transfers, and we take care of everyone like we do our own.  Looking forward to the great stories the rest of the week and year have in store!