What’s important to you?  God forbid you had a fire in your home, beyond your family and pets getting to safety, what is the next item or items of value that you would grab if you had a few seconds to do so?  For me and for many of you out there, grabbing old photo albums and videotapes would be very high on the list.  My Welcome Back, Kotter lunch box would be tempting to grab, but more on that another day.  Because of this great value, we understand that when our community members – from Towson to Bel Air, Catonsville to Crownsville – bring in their precious memories, this is a great act of trust.
Our latest client, Laura from Ruxton, was so moved by the care we gave her wedding video, she was moved to tears and gave me a spontaneous hug.  It was wonderful…and just a further indication of the importance of these memories getting rediscovered and preserved here at Towson Transfers.  A smile, nod or handshake is always welcome too.  Just know that we get it… this is a big deal for your family legacy and we value each and every film, tape, photo, cassette or other media that comes into our possession.
Here’s a few more examples…Barney from Towson brought in a VHS tape (a prior film transfer to VHS transfer from another company in the 90s) of his grandfather exploring the Arctic!  Donna from Essex brought in a variety of VHS tapes filled with birthdays and recitals.  Buddy from Baltimore brought in a mystery tape that had no label, come to find out it had videos of his child from age 2 months through 2 years in the early 80’s.  How cool is that! Together, we can help these memories move safely into the future.