Let me start off by saying that every piece of media that comes into Towson Transfers…from Towson, Dundalk, Timonium, Bel Air, you name important and deserves our utmost attention and care.  There is always a certain level of anticipation and excitement with every batch of media we transfer…I’ve seen tough grown men get downright giddy with joy as they rediscover lost memories!  Folks have laughed, cried and given spontaneous hugs.  There is a lot of emotion here!

But I’m humbled by the fact that we can play an even bigger role for people, in a way you may not have even imagined….saving someone from the death penalty.  Trapped on a couple of dozen VHS tapes that recently came to our office, are bits and pieces that will support a team of dedicated death penalty mitigation specialists to help spare their client from lethal injection.  Who or what they are looking for on these tapes (mostly just ordinary family events) is not my business…making sure they have the best quality digital transfer for their search is my business (literally!).  Some of the tapes were damaged so I had to splice the tapes back together and even put the “guts” of a broken VHS tape into another VHS shell.  Each minute of each tape was precious…could this be the moment the team is looking for?

It just so happened that I was familiar with death penalty mitigation work from the other hat I wear at BlueRock Productions.  I was privileged enough to be a video producer on a number of mitigation cases, which took me to some of the most challenged neighborhoods in Baltimore, Washington D.C.,and Atlanta.  I even went deep into a federal supermax prison to film the notorious “Beltway Sniper” John Muhammad.  Ask me about that one next time you see me!

Needless to say, we are privileged to play a role for you, your family and your community…from an 8 year old dance recital to life or death on VHS.  We are here for you.