Needless to say, many people, including myself quite frankly, have some old videos tucked away in the closet, attic, or worse – in the garage – and we know it’s a good idea to get them transferred to a watchable, editable, and shareable format (what we at Towson Transfers like to call digital). There may be good reasons for holding back, and here are my top three guesses:

  1. (Ed from Parkville) The tapes, films and slides will magically transfer themselves.
  2. (Seth from Essex) VHS-C, 8MM film and 8MM tape are about to make a comeback.
  3. (Yvonne from Carney) You will find the time and interest to DIY this process, and do it well.

I suppose all three of these could happen, cue the flying monkey reference from Wayne’s World…sha. The biggest challenge we face here in Towson is not getting people to understand the need for our service…that is quite easy if not downright evident. It’s simply moving people to action. So here is a gentle nudge from your trusted friends at Towson Transfers, let’s get to it! Start small, break the ice with a few transfers and see how the process feels. Or jump in the deep end and bring them all at once. Whether we are your partner for this or not, it is certainly a good idea to make a move in the transfer direction before too long. Set yourself a goal or an item on your to-do list to find the tapes/films/photos/slides. Once gathered, give us a call here in our Towson office (comfortably located behind Total Wine) and let’s discuss your options. We look forward to being a part of the preservation of your legacy!