It was a rainy Saturday afternoon, say, August of 1976.  My siblings and I, along with a handful of cousins, couldn’t have been happier…it was slideshow time!  If you are of a certain age, you remember the slide show as a rare treat.  First, get out the old projector…some of you were lucky enough to have the push-button slide carousels but we had the old-fashioned one-at-a-time model.  Either way, we would take the 4ft. by 3 ft. covered bridge painting down from our wall above the couch to create our screen and suddenly, we were at the movies!  There we would sit for an hour or so watching still images of birthdays, Christmas mornings, and First Communions, all larger than life on the living room wall.  I remember my older brother Steve getting to the age where he could run the projector himself…wow…he was really grown up!
Well, if you haven’t noticed, times have changed!  I’m not sure that the slideshow is holding court any longer BUT the slides themselves are still valuable assets and memories.  We are happy to convert these slides to digital images you can create your own modern-day slideshow with.  Last month, Kate from the Timonium area stopped by.  She had wonderful memories of traveling Europe with her family in the early 70s.  Her mother carefully documented the trip with the cutting-edge technology at the time – slide film!
With over 350 slides collecting dust in 4 plastic carousels in the garage, it was finally time to convert these tiny, unwatchable images into a cool new digital slide show, watchable and editable on any computer.  The further good news is that with the click of a button, all of these images were easily shared with her brothers out of state.  I mean who wants to hold back on these awesome early 70’s fashion statements?!  4 large square boxes converted onto a 2-inch thumb drive, now that’s saving space.  Preserving your mother’s legacy, priceless!

Michael from Lutherville had a much smaller job…one slide!  Bring it on!  He wanted this incredibly valuable shot of him and his brother with their young Mom digitized and made into 5×7 prints.  From big jobs to small, Towson Transfers is your local, trusted neighbor for these important preservation tasks.