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Although the technology has been around since the mid-60s, the heyday of the audio cassette came in the 70’s, and continued its dominance through the 80’s. How cool it was to hit record on that rectangular cassette recorder/player and capture the sounds of your friends and family of the time. The cassette tape was an affordable and easy to manage recording/archiving system for not only personal, but also many professional recording opportunities. Bring in those old cassette tapes and reel to reels and let us usher the sound into the digital age!

Audio Cassettes: $30
Reel to Reel Formats: Priced as needed


Another Real-Life

Rediscover & Preserve Story

Stacey’s father recorded a song for his daughters to remember him by. It was a sweet lullaby with a classic 50’s feel. She had the tape in a drawer, and even thought the occasional sight of the tape made her happy, it was finally time to get the tape transferred to digital so she could actually hear the song again. Now, with a digital transfer from Towson Transfers, she has added this digital song to her playlist and has her father even closer at heart!


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