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The older the media, the more precious and valuable the content can be…and of course, the most vulnerable to deterioration. If you are in possession of film reels, please give extra attention to getting these preserved sooner than later! Here is a quick film history lesson…

As an alternative to the standard 35 mm film for making “real” movies, Eastman Kodak rolled out 16 mm film in 1923 for amateurs. The home/amateur film market really got a boost in the early 1930’s with the release of 8 mm film, which was less expensive and less bulky. This was the standard until the invention of Super8 film in 1965, which had the same size as 8mm, but an improved design allowed for 50% more image. These film format sales were dissolved in the early 90’s.

16mm Film

3-inch reel (50 ft): Please Call
5-inch reel (200 ft): Please Call
7-inch reel (400 ft): Please Call

8mm & Super 8 Film

3-inch reel (50 ft): $45
5-inch reel (200 ft): $75
6-inch reel (300 ft): $100
7-inch reel (400 ft): $125

Additional charges may incur if films are moldy, damaged or have multiple poor splices.

How do I know which film format I have?

All the films are measured by their height. For those of us used to inches, the 16 mm film is about 2/3 of an inch, while 8 mm is about 1/3. The difference between 8 mm and Super8 is a bit trickier. Please see the image…it all has to do with the tiny sprockets on the side. Either way, we’ll be glad to help sort it all out!

How to know which size film you have

Another Real-Life

Rediscover & Preserve Story

Megan’s aging father was moving to an assisted living facility and in the process of cleaning out the basement, she came across a box of small films…from who knows when and about who knows what?! We carefully reviewed her material and we decided to start the process with the five of the films. What we discovered was absolutely priceless footage of her father as a young, playful child – full of life and energy! What a joy to discover! Soon after, with her father’s health failing, we then transferred the following 8 films in her collection, so they could enjoy the memories together before his passing. This was another great example of how a with a little time, effort, and investment, Towson Transfers can help find the joy that was once lost!


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