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Don’t Let Your Old Slides Deterioriate

Hard to believe in this modern day that there was hardly anything better on a rainy summer afternoon in 1970 something then to pass the time with an old slide projector and some family slides. Some families had the luxury of the carousel, we had the older “one at a time” model. Either way, watching the images on the “big screen” (aka the living room wall) was quite a treat.

So these slides became harder to manage and track over the years and most people now have boxes of slides and carousels somewhere in the basement, or is it the garage? The older the image, the more susceptible to deterioration they are, so take to the time to inventory these precious 2×2 gems and let’s get them transferred to digital!

Up to 99 Slides: $1.50/each
100-499: $1.25/each
500+: $1/each

Another Real-Life

Rediscover & Preserve Story

Karen from the Timonium area, had wonderful memories of traveling Europe with her family in the early 70’s. Her mother carefully documented the trip with the cutting-edge technology at the time – slide film! With over 350 slides collecting dust in 4 plastic carousels in the garage, it was finally time to convert these tiny, unwatchable images into a cool new digital slide show, watchable and editable on any computer. The further good news is that with click of a button, all of these images were easily shared with her brothers out of state. I mean who wants to hold back on these awesome early 70’s fashion statements?! Four large square boxes converted onto a 2-inch thumb drive (or just the cloud) – now that’s saving space! Preserving your mother’s photographic legacy…priceless!


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