When you come to Towson Transfers, you should expect a lot of things.  A safe, comfortable experience, the ability to ask questions and get enthusiastic, detailed answers, fair pricing, and professional service.  This is just the tip of the iceberg!  What you may not expect is an old-school, letterboard welcome (please see photo).
We like adding a touch of the past as we are indeed bringing the past back to life in new, digital ways.  Seems fitting!  We have received some very nice feedback from our letterboard welcomes and I have enjoyed sharing the rich history of this board with our valued clients.  Please allow me to share this with you.
Back in the early 2000s, I was a young, ambitious entrepreneur and video producer and I decided to take over an abandoned 12,000 sq ft video studio in West Baltimore.  What a wild experience that was…more on that in future blogs I’m sure!  At the same time BlueRock Studio was revving up, the venerable Flight 3 studio was on its way out.  Flight 3 was the largest and most active studio in the Baltimore area and had many large video and movie projects, industry big wigs and celebrities come through their doors over their 44 years.  There was a lot of shock and disbelief that this local goliath was going out.
Before long I found myself at my very first live auction – in the Flight 3 studio – as they were selling off all of their assets.  It was packed, a veritable who’s who of the Baltimore/DC video and movie scene.  Being one of the few surviving studios at the time, I had my eye on a few items that only seemed to make sense for a studio owner.  My strategy was to lay back, watch and observe for a while until I got my feet under me and built my confidence.  Well, that didn’t last long.
The very first item up for auction was…you guessed it…this letter board sign!  Everybody knew this sign and its significance…it was the very first thing you would see at Flight 3 as it welcomed you and the famous and powerful to our fair city of Baltimore.  A hush came over the room as the bidding started…can I get a bid of $100…$75…can I get a bid for $50…$40…$25.  I think everyone was afraid to bid, including me, but I meekly raised my number.  All eyes were on me as nobody else bid.  SOLD to number 111 for $25!
At that moment, something very unexpected happened…I got booed! Please understand that it was all in fun, they weren’t booing me as such (I keep telling myself that at least), but rather an era in Baltimore production had ended as this sign would now be leaving the premises.
I’m proud to say that I continued the tradition…this sign was the first thing you would see in BlueRock Studio for 16 years!  People from the industry enjoyed seeing it when they came through, reflecting back on its history.  Yes, it was fun to welcome the likes of Michael Phelps, Ravens legends Terrell Suggs & Justin Tucker, Jim Palmer, Rene Zellweger, Pharrell, and even the Geico Caveman!  But I’m equally happy to welcome our new stars like Marty from Catonsville, Mary from Towson, and Laura from Perry Hall.  We look forward to welcoming you soon!