Ah, the VHS tape. That alluring 7.4 inch by 4 inch rectangle that brought us so much emotion over the years…the laughs, the tears, the fright and the inspiration. Being surrounded by VHS on a daily basis, I have come to further appreciate the format. Thankfully, we have many, many precious memories entrusted to us in the VHS form that we transfer to digital (like Pam in Towson) and even DVD (like Lydia in Overlea). I have learned quite a bit about VHS and VCRs over the last few years and being a good sharer, thank you Mom, allow me to entertain you about our beloved VHS.

I know you all were wondering, so let’s get this out right away… it would take the tape stretched out in 849,326 VHS tapes to reach the moon. I’m feeling like you may not be able to handle much more, but I’m going to push forward.

– The biggest selling VHS of all time is…Lion King! 32 million copies sold, I’m sure you or someone you know may still have one.

– Three Iconic Movies were too large for one VHS, do you recall seeing them in the thrift store or in your basement? Gone with the Wind, Titanic and The Godfather.

– The last VCRs were produced by that juggernaut of quality Funai in 2015. Less than a million units were sold of this soon to be obsolete player.

– The price tag for the early adopters of VCR technology in the mid 70s was @ $1200. That’s about $6500 clams in today’s money.


So there you go, you now have some dynamic conversation starters for your next cocktail party! Regardless of how many VHS were produced in the world, please know that Towson Transfers values each VHS tape that comes into our care. We have the VCRs, maintenance tools and ability to repair and replace damaged tapes to help you rediscover and preserve your precious memories!

For me it’s Rocky 3, my wife Susan it’s the Aristocats…drop us a line and let us know what one VHS tape you are not going to let go of!