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Photos, we love them, they bring us great joy! Due to technological advances, we are now is the age of digital photography, and it’s a great place to be! No more worry about reducing shots because you are low on film, no more buying film, getting it processed and waiting days or weeks to get those double prints back from the lab! Snap – look – share!

But what about those hundreds, if not thousands of photos you have stored in boxes and albums scattered throughout the house and garage?! It’s time to convert these to a digital format so they can be preserved and shared in an instant. Some people are proactive and approach this task on their own schedule. Others will engage with a photo conversion due to a joyful event…a graduation, special birthday or anniversary. And on a sad note, sometimes these photos come out to memorialize the death of a loved one.

The good news is that Towson Transfers is ready to go to help with any of these situations! Bring your photos, organized or not, and we will convert that pile into high quality digital files that will be enjoyed at the touch of a button for generations to come!

Photos up to 8.5″x11″

Up to 99: $1.50/each
100-499: $1.25/each
500+: $1/each
Photo Album Pages: $5/each

Photos over 8.5″x11″
(Up to 12″x17″)


Another Real-Life

Rediscover & Preserve Story

Stephan’s father had a tragic, rapid onset of Parkinson’s Disease and was sadly losing his mental and physical capacities by the week. The family had the wonderful idea to put together a joyful “This is your life” pictorial that showed the father’s progression from a shy, playful young boy to a loving family man and successful business leader. When the family gathered to share the video that Towson Transfers put together with the transferred photos, it was a very meaningful expression of love and appreciation for all involved.


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